Balancing Current Safety Challenges with Future
Data Concerns

The world population stands at 7.6 Billion people and is poised to grow to 9.7 Billion by 2050. Increasing numbers of people surviving to reproductive age, better life expectancy, lower infant mortality rates, increasing urbanization and accelerating migration all feed into an unprecedented, worldwide population expansion. Couple this with exponential rare, noncommunicable and chronic disease growth an undeniable and alarming need for drugs emerges. With this need, comes an increased focus on drug safety.

The above trends will have far-reaching implications for the Pharmacovigilance industry as the task of monitoring, collecting and analyzing safety data becomes more burdensome. More immediately, drug manufacturers are beginning to pay more attention to Pharmacovigilance as public anxiety about safety increases and companies rely more and more on signal detection technologies to aid in identifying and managing adverse drug events as early as possible to avoid unnecessary costs of drugs that eventually are recalled from the market.

Join us at the 2018 Pharmacovigilance Summit to delve in current issues of data management, signal detection, risk benefit analysis and the patient perspective while also stepping back to asses current systems and industry standards to plan for the future.

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