February 26-28, 2018
United States

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Join your peers to address the challenges of balancing current safety challenges with future data concerns. View more information on:

  • Unparallelled Opportunities to hear regulatory updates real time from both multi department and international perspective 
  • Innovators Think Tank! Share insights and ideas with industry leaders as innovators embark on drug commercialization.
  • Reframing service providers as partners in safety in a hands on workshop designed to challenge the norms in vendor relationships
  • Exploring New Technologies in a search of ways to approach Proactive Pharmacovigilance
  • and more...

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Registration Form: Pharmacovigilance 2018

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Dear Boss Letter - 2018 Pharmacovigilance Summit

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Anticipated Attendee Snapshot: 2018 Pharmacovigilance

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Speaker Spotlight Interviews

SPEAKER SPOTLIGHT: A conversation with Sameer Thapar, Global Pharmacovigilance Operations & Compliance, Rutgers University

Get to know speaker Sameer Thapar, Global Pharmacovigilance Operations & Compliance, Rutgers University in this short interview where he shares how he sees PV evolving over the next 5 years, emerging trends, key challenges and more! If you prefer to receive this via email contact Stephen.Aponte@iqpc.com.


Top 5 Challenges of Pharmacovigilance in 2017 and Beyond

With the rapid spread of information across the globe, increased communication across borders, increasing public expectation of safety and improved global access to drugs, the challenges associated as well as the importance of pharmacovigilance has never been greater. In this short and sweet interactive overview of the Top 5 Challenges of Pharmacovigilance we not only outline the major PHCV obstacles PHCV leaders currently face but also demonstrate how the 2018 Pharmacovigilance Summit taking place 26-28 February, 2018 in Boston, MA can help you overcome them. 

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Early Automation of Data Mining at the FDA using Oracle Health Sciences Empirica Signal and Study

Since the early 1990s, the FDA has used data mining (the practice of examining large databases to generate new information) to gain a better understanding of adverse signals within clinical trial safety data. The agency has also advocated the use of data mining by the pharmaceutical industry when conducting clinical trials. Recently, the FDA has begun adding more sophisticated methods to its data mining activities and has applied these methods to other product-safety-related databases.

In an effort to define its data mining activities, the FDA has issued a white paper, Data Mining at FDA (Nov 2015). It provides an overview of its past and present data mining methods, the advantages/challenges of data mining and future directions for data mining at the FDA.

Dr. Sameer Thapar, Director, Global Pharmacovigilance (Oracle Health Sciences Consulting), and Assistant Professor, Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance (Rutgers University), has studied this paper and offered highlights in a new Oracle Brief.  

Introduction by Barbara Rudolph, Senior Content Marketing Manager, Oracle


Top 5 Technologies Set to Transform Pharmacovigilance

The effectiveness of pharmacovigilance (PV) in Asia has been steadily increasing over recent decades thanks to the growing prevalence of e-clinical and e-health solutions. However now, in the second decade of the 21st century, we are seeing the pace of technological development shift from incremental improvements, to becoming truly transformative, offering entirely new ways of conducting pharmacovigilance. Yet these new technologies present a variety of new challenges that must be embraced rather than resisted, if their transformative benefits are to be realised. With this in mind, we take a look at the top 5 technologies that are set to transform PV in Asia.

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Speaker Perspectives: Real World Data as the Cornerstone of Pharmacovigilance

This packet includes 3 articles by 2018 Pharmacovigilance speaker Ale (Maria) Vazquez-Gragg, MD, VP, Head Global Patient Safety, Intarcia Therapeutics, Inc. on the power of real world data to enable improved PCV. Download to learn more about:

  • RWE to Build the Scientific Voice Maximizes Health Care Decisions
  • RWE: Predictive Analytics To Impact Patient Safety
  • Social Media is to Pharmacovigilance as FitBit is to Clinical Trials?

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Is big pharma really on cusp of AI shake-out?

Artificial intelligence could herald a new era for drug development but, as this Pharma IQ article explains, caution remains about how revolutionary its impact will actually be.

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Pharmacovigilance in the Age of the Specialty Pharmacy

To protect patient safety in the dispensing and utilization of specialized medications, a compromise needs to be put in place between the manufacturer and the specialty pharmacy concerning the need to perform timely pharmacovigilance reporting. This article by 2018 Pharmacovigilance speaker Sameer Thapar, Assistant Professor, Drug Safety & Pharmacovigilance at Rutgers University explores best practices for confronting this issue.

Get Beyond The Silo With Big Data Analytics Infographic

In this infographic, Pharma IQ assesses the concept of data silos within the corporate world. While exploring the barriers these stubborn blocks of data provide, specialists provide their expertise on how and why the pharmaceutical industry needs to break open the data silos.

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2017 Cell and Gene Therapy Heatmap - Europe The Road To Commercialisation

Over the last 12 months, the cell and gene therapy manufacturing sphere has matured vastly with more companies advancing to commercial products, especially with allogenic therapies. Now that the theory behind the therapy is catching up with the technology, the two can come together to progress towards producing commercial products. Last year Pharma IQ examined the UK with our Cell and Gene Manufacturing hotspot map. This year we broaden our focus to scan the cell and gene manufacturing activity that is occurring across Europe regarding the road to commercialised therapies.

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Pharma Quantified: Industry Facts and Figures

Pharma IQ presents a few statistics gathered from the medical press on today’s drug discovery industry.

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It's a good time to be a data scientist in the pharmaceutical industry

Data analytics is surrounded by a lot of hype, but where is the real ‘value add’ for the Pharmaceutical industry? How is the industry preparing for the future of drug development and patient engagement? Pharma IQ asked Nigel Hughes, Scientific Director at Janssen, to have a chat with us about the role of data analytics in the pharmaceutical industry, the challenges for those already working in data teams and the future of predictive analytics.

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Life Sciences Manufacturing and Quality: The New Path to Performance

It is no secret that Life Science manufacturers have substantial compliance challenges. Regulatory burdens are getting more intense, regularly changing, and growing in complexity. This is most keenly felt by those that are delivering products in multiple markets.

Successful manufacturers will plot a journey from conformance to performance by merging the objectives, cultures, processes, and technologies between quality and manufacturing.

This new research by LNS explores survey results of over 1200 life science leaders, provides guidance regarding maturity, objectives, and the connection between “IT/OT” and quality, and prescribes a new path for performance. The report also illustrates the correlation between targeted best practices and improved performance.

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